Spotlight on the CyRise teams: The SecureStack Story

This experience helped set up his understanding of automation and fostered a desire to bridge the gap. ‘It got me thinking about the idea of SecureStack. We’re forever getting obtuse security advice. Our security industry, especially here in Australia, has over-emphasised policy creation, but no one is fucking implementing it!’

‘Security teams often didn’t understand how a policy applies to the greater whole. So, how do I take the policy framework and make it into something that means a thing in operations on a server? That was my challenge.’

Paul McCarty, Cofounder and CTO of SecureStack
Paul McCarty, DC MTNLAB, 2008

‘My iterative process is very similar. When coding up a new function I approach it in the same way I do a new trick. I build out the framework and then iron out the little bits.’ In Park City, Utah, they called him Pick ’n’ Shovel Paul. He’d isolate the feature and instead of taking the lift back up the slope, he’d hike back up to that one feature and do it again. Isolate, perfect, move on. ‘I’m a machine’.

‘It’s really tough running a business as a sole founder. You’ve got the weight and anxiety of 1,000 tasks you’re not going to get done. I understand why so many fail; you get weighed the fuck down’. How does Paul combat this? ‘I just concentrate on the goals. I get up and write a sticky note with three things to work on and that’s what I do. You have to pick one direction in the forest and start chopping.’

SecureStack Cofounder, Guy Givoni and Paul McCarty



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