Spotlight on the CyRise teams: The Detexian Story

Persistence pays off

Building something to own

Tan Huynh, Cofounder and CEO of Detexian

Making it happen

The pivot

Compliance and posture

‘Compliance is not a sexy word, but compliance is important in supply chain context. Non-compliance of a third party vendor infects the whole supply chain.’

The Detexian team at CyRise Demo Day, Melbourne

Leading the drive

‘I never shy away from conflict. I think it’s occasionally required to move the team to the next stage. Investment taught me to be short and sharp and punchy. Taught to cite facts but at the same time taught to sell.’

But it didn’t teach Tan to empathise. ‘I learnt that the hard way. I learned it when I met my partner. Yes, facts are powerful but there was so much more. To get people on the same side as you, you need to speak to their needs — it’s very powerful. My fact-driven objective approach served me sometimes and at other times it didn’t. I like the empathetic side of me now, but it’s a skill I need to hone.’

Tan Huynh, Cofounder and CEO of Detexian

Tenacity at the helm

‘I love to be right. But, I also love to be told I’m wrong and why. The worst thing for a young CEO is to do things that are wrong, and have no one to point them out. I get challenged every week. It makes me do better.’



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