Meet the newest members of the CyRise cybersecurity accelerator: Cohort 6

1. Apolyta

Freddy Ouzan of Apolyta

2. cysense

(L — R) Chad Richts, Carlos Leyva Salas, John Kinsella of cysense

3. Decoded.AI

Samantha Lengyel & Josh Fourie of Decoded.AI

4. Seconize

Seconize co-Founders Chethan Anand and Dr. Sashank Dara

5. StackQL

Kieran Rimmer (L) and Jeffrey Aven (R) of StackQL.

6. Plerion

Plerion co-founders: Mike Rahmati, Pierre Liddle, and Paul Garner

“On behalf of CyRise, I’m thrilled to introduce you to this multi-talented and geographically diverse group of startups,” says CyRise CEO Scott Handsaker.



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