Founder Stories from CyRise: Sameer and Gaurab, Appsec360

Helping teams by clearing obstacles

In a space where there’s no standardisation, Appsec360 want to provide their timely solution. “We can add standardisation and save hours.” says Sameer. “It helps people like us who are doing the day-to-day job. Security is not easy. A lot of frustrations are continually piled on. It’s frustrating. A tool like this helps. If we deliver, it clears obstacles and helps teams to gel together.”

From playing in the weeds to getting perspective

Now was the time to innovate. “The product provided an avenue to let the inner frustration out.”, said Gaurab. “Once we started implementing the product, it was an amazing revelation. Seeing a problem in the real world and having it resolved in the way you’ve designed is amazing. With Appec360 the workflow now makes sense. We are solving a problem that is real.”

Gaurab and Sameer at the Grand Canyon in 2015, pointing ahead to 2020 and Appsec360 ;)

On startup culture

This coachable, agile, fast-moving duo, surprisingly felt a little culture shock when adjusting to the startup world.

On working together

It’s always a risk when you partner up in a co-founding relationship, but for these two, there was never a doubt. “I was never concerned about the dynamic”, explains Sameer. “I was unsure of where we’d end up, but I knew we could work together. The geographies add spice!”

Operating with trust and building community

Trust underpins the Appsec360 values system. “I need customers to trust the software. I can’t betray that. It’s the trust. With coworkers, too — it’s all about trust.” says Sameer. And it’s also about community. “We started a school back in India, because we care about giving back to our community. In a way, that’s what motivates us with Appsec360, too: we’re giving back to the security community by making life easier.”



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