Founder Stories from CyRise: Rony and Sergei, Prevasio

Deeply technical and turning heads with their world-first solution, Rony Moshkovich and Sergei Shevchenko of Prevasio are an impressive force. With their joint pedigree in malware research, together they’re creating the finest analysis solution for Docker containers. Prevasio was built at its core with a ground breaking capability to detect zero-day threats. The patent-pending technology that Prevasio is so proud of sets it above the competition.

The importance of having a good co-founder

Individually brilliant, the close-knit bond between these co-founders comes from a deep understanding that they can achieve far better things by working together than they ever could alone. “If you build a startup, you need to have a co-founder. It would be extremely tough for someone to build a business on their own, simply because we are humans and we have these periods of ups and downs. It’s a roller coaster.” explains Sergei. “When two people who think alike, and have full understanding and trust between each other, it helps to smooth the bumps in the road. When I feel down, Rony can cheer me up and vice versa. Any skill set can be bought or replaced, but a bond based on mutual respect is irreplaceable.”

Rony Moshkovich and Sergei Shevchenko of Prevasio

How future-focus and frustration work as motivators

Once you’re on a trajectory like this, building up a solution for cloud security, you have to continue to keep up. “The cloud is the evolution of technology.” says Sergei. “It’s the area that’s changing so fast, you need to be on top of the game all the time. It’s very tempting to find a cosy place and stay where you are, but I realised that if I choose to stay in that convenient and known environment, I will quickly die as a professional. So I trusted Rony even though I was completely uncomfortable moving into the containerisation space. I feel sorry for the brilliant people who choose not to pursue the evolving tech, and rather stay where they’re comfortable.”

Making it personal

Motivation to build and succeed goes even deeper again. For Rony and Sergei it’s personal. “Attackers have invested a lot of effort to obfuscate their malicious intentions,” explains Sergei. “Uncovering their malicious attack, understanding how it works is very personal to me. They don’t want me to find out what they’ve done! If I fail, it means they’ve outsmarted me, and I simply can’t let that happen..” This competitive nature also drives Sergei in his approach to business. “We found a way to solve a problem that no one else has solved. We’re just two guys in Australia! We proved that two smart guys can do what these cashed up companies can’t do. It’s exciting to me. To prove and to show the value, to do something that no other corporation has done before us. It’s a thrill that drives me personally in this business.”

The fight you need and the freedom you get

Even with a supporting co-founder relationship, growing a startup isn’t always easy. For Rony, it is a “lonely place to be, but it’s an energising mindset”. He continues. “Other roles could give you that, too, but what matters is the entrepreneurial mindset. That’s where I get my excitement — it’s building the tech, the business, serving a need, and filling a gap. Founder or not, it’s filling the gap.”

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