Founder Stories from CyRise: Michael, Bec, and Gary, from MailTumble

Gary and Michael, back when you could have pirates in the office.
Bec Martin, behind-the-scenes recording for CyRise Demo Day, November 2020

Pandemic dynamics

“It was a new experience for me to work asynchronously and remotely,” explains Bec. “Gary and Michael are good at creating an environment that works across geographies — we are all happy to trust each other in what we’re working on. For years, I’ve watched them from a distance. I’ve seen the companies and company culture they’ve built. It’s a bunch of people having fun, doing a great job, and solving interesting problems.”

Injecting fun into the business

The team’s personal desire for fun injects into the company culture. “You only live once,” says Michael. “You’ve got to enjoy what you’re doing. There are so many things you can do, so you may as well have fun doing it. Work has to be done. You’ve still got to deliver to an expectation, and sure, it can be a little less fun when we’re building to deliver something to a deadline. But it’s still important to enjoy what you’re doing. Small things that feed into that company culture for us. When we were in the office, it was an 8am to 3pm work day. That allowed plenty of time to go to the gym, to schedule a dentist appointment, to play some sport. Things like that work for us and work for everyone.”

Be hungry to win, with the skills to succeed

Our values come to make sure they revolve around us enjoying what we’re doing. “It’s no secret that Gary and I don’t like being a cog in big company, we’re hustlers, we’re creative” explains Michael. “For us we’re lucky that we’re in the startup phase because “startup phase” is where it’s the most fun time. Our values often revolve around urgency; being fast and first-responding; hiring better people than yourselves; being hungry to win but with the skills to succeed.”

The personal motivators

“I can see that my contribution is creating value,” explains Bec. “And that drives me. The problem is real, and the solution is interesting. Plus it’s an opportunity to work with a great team in an interesting capacity and grow myself as we build this company.”



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