• O. Zaidan

    O. Zaidan

  • Vicky Sharp

    Vicky Sharp

  • Bec Martin

    Bec Martin

    Digital Technology enthusiast and Hackathon Hacker. Based in Melbourne. Special Interest in native mobile development for Android and iOS.

  • Christian Heinrich

    Christian Heinrich

    Further Information at http://t.co/7kZSXHUVC0

  • Kenny Wong

    Kenny Wong

    Startups Helper | Optimist | Co-founder at Verbz.ai where we help you get more done.

  • Yotam Gutman

    Yotam Gutman

    Surfer, writer, Husband, father. Marketing Director at SentinelOne

  • Yep Nup

    Yep Nup

  • Alan Jones

    Alan Jones

    I’m Alan Jones, coach for accelerators, partner at M8 Ventures, angel investor. Earlier: founder, early Yahoo product manager, tech reporter.

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