CyRise Cybersecurity Accelerator Program: Cohort 5 Announcement

Join us in welcoming our first post-pandemic startup crew!

Five teams hailing from Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne have launched themselves wholeheartedly into an intensive 14-week program, meeting cyber founders, CISOs, investors and subject matter experts in their quest for rapid global growth.

“The quality of the teams just continues to rise. 100% of the teams coming into the program have existing revenue, with more than half having customers spread across multiple countries.” — Scott Handsaker, CEO

To earn a place in the CyRise accelerator, which is backed by NTT and Deakin University, each startup must be focussed on high value problems and bring a unique vision to the market.

The areas of coverage include drone security, IoT visibility and awareness, security training, payments compromise and network performance and security.

The following teams have been selected:


A cyber-uav firm providing security and threat intelligence for drones and drone operations.


Founder Mike Monnik

The core platform Notify is a threat intelligence platform to collect, analyse and visualise drone incidents around the world. It uses multiple physical and digital data sources to capture and baseline real-time incidents. Notify identifies the most common drones used for nefarious purposes, helping users assess their immediate risk.


TRAILD patrols payment workflows to protect businesses from fraud.

“TRAILD is on a mission to protect businesses from fraudulent invoices and mistaken payments, which are plaguing businesses worldwide. CyRise is connecting us with leading cybersecurity professionals and investors to supercharge our growth.”


Founders Brad Smorgon (CEO), Adam Laitt, Adam Leski, Javier Rebage and Patrick Laitt

TRAILD is an AI-driven security product that patrols the payment workflow to protect businesses from business email compromise, insider fraud, supplier fraud and other threats. By monitoring incoming invoices, user behaviour and third party data sources, TRAILD builds a profile of normality for each company and for suppliers. TRAILD then flags risky and anomalous actions to identify threats.


Fearless online secure development education for fast moving companies.


Founder Laura Bell (CEO)

“We chose CyRise because of its reputation, domain expertise and range of incredible mentors. As we expand into the global market, it’s more important than ever that we find ways to support and accelerate our growth.”

SafeStack Academy gives developers, testers, analysts and architects the security skills they need to design, build and deploy secure, high quality software at speed. Already supporting 35 organisations in 3 countries, Safestack makes it easy to build security skills and culture across the entire engineering team.


Providing visibility solutions for network security and performance.


Founders David Britt (CEO) and Frank Canas

Byte25 is a network monitoring solution providing comprehensive visibility of network security, performance and end user experience. It comprises a deep packet inspection engine for detailed application layer performance monitoring as well as an integrated intrusion detection engine for identification of threats as they occur across your infrastructure. During the last 12 months, Byte25 has established a comprehensive customer base with over 100 units shipped predominantly in export markets, with representation in Australia, South East Asia and Europe.


Network Detection Response for agentless connected devices.

“CyRise will serve as the platform to help us capitalise on our recent success and accelerate our growth into both domestic and international markets.”


Founders Adam De Jong (CEO), Arunan Sivanathan, Ayyoob Hamza and Hassan Habibi Gharakheili

CyAmast specialises in network security solutions for IoT/IIoT/OT (‘connected devices’). CyAmast is pioneering a new approach to asset identification, classification and anomaly detection using run time flow based network telemetry. With leveraged advances in Software Defined Networking and AI/ML based inference engines, CyAmast has developed a proprietary and patented software solution to what has traditionally been a customised appliance dependent one.

See these teams at our July Demo Days

While running a virtual program, CyRise is excited to begin planning a return to in-person Demo Days in Melbourne and Sydney in early July. Sign up here if you’d like to score an invite and see these fabulous teams in action!

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