Announcing CyRise Cohort Three: Six exciting cyber security startups

4 min readMar 26, 2020

We officially started with our new CyRise cohort on the 4th of February, after a rigorous search and selection process that covered the entire Asia Pacific region. The six teams chosen were selected for CyRise late last year, so we’ve been working with these clever folk for a while now.

In the first two months of the program the teams have met with our mentors, completed Open Office Hours with our Industry Advisors, conducted deep dives with our EIR and engaged with our community. We are now delighted to introduce them formally as the newest members of the CyRise portfolio.


Protecting AI from bad data

As artificial intelligence becomes more and more integrated into our businesses and our day-to-day lives, the quality of the data used to train, test and predict is becoming a huge concern. Badook allows data scientists to automate data validation tasks as tests, preventing models from being trained on corrupted, biased or tampered data. At Badook, Yaniv Rodenski and his cofounder Yariv Triffon help protect artificial intelligence and machine learning models from their greatest weakness, bad data.

In the CyRise program is Yaniv Rodenski, founder and CEO.



Security Architecture Simplified

The name Archimigo means ‘the architect’s friend’, and it really is. Born out of founder Noor Magesh’s own experience in security architecture, Archimigo helps digital project teams to manage their security architecture, risk, and compliance functions. Its simple SaaS platform helps teams to fast-track a previously complex security design process with workflow automation.

In the CyRise program is Noor Magesh, co-founder and CEO.


Retrospect Labs

Taking the burden out of cyber security exercises

Jason Pang and Ryan Janosevic at Retrospect Labs help organisations to be ready when a cyber security incident occurs, as it inevitably will. Both Ryan and Jason have years of world-class incident responder experience from their time at the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). Retrospect Labs have designed a cyber security threat exercise platform where companies can continuously test and improve their incident response and remediation capabilities in complex, realistic environments.

In the program are Jason Pang, co-founder and CEO, and Ryan Janosevic, co-founder and COO.



The cyber-why platform

Avertro answers the “why” and “so what” for executive boards around cyber security spend, and helps decision-makers match their capabilities to their risk exposure. Ian Yip and his cofounder Roman Mandryk bring a scientific approach to how an organisation’s cybersecurity narrative is articulated to senior non-technical stakeholders.

In the program is Ian Yip, co-founder and CEO.



Human-centric device management

For fast-growing companies or those with large distributed workforces, managing the security of the myriad of corporates devices is a nightmare. Martin McGregor and his co-founders Jason Fairburn and Jose Schenardie have lived through this pain. Devicie allows people to be up and running on their device wherever they are and with everything they need to work, in as little as 30 minutes after being provided a login. They achieve this without any interaction with IT, and the device remains fully secure and compliant.

In the program is Martin McGregor, co-founder and CEO.



Making vulnerability management 10 times faster

In today’s complex digital environment, creating a priority list of vulnerability fixes is critical, but almost impossible, for security teams. Venu Rao and his cofounders Akhil Reni and Srini Dhara at Strobes have created a risk-based vulnerability management platform that allows enterprises to identify, prioritise and fix the most critical vulnerabilities. Strobes helps to dramatically improve vulnerability management efficiency and effectiveness.

In the program is Venu Rao, co-founder and CEO.


CyRise is Australia’s premiere venture accelerator that focuses on early stage cyber security startups from the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Melbourne, CyRise offers cyber security founders a 4-month mentor driven programme, $50,000 in investment, expeditions to Israel or the US, and early access to foundational customers and investors.

CyRise is a partnership between Deakin University and NTT.

We support the long-term growth of the Australian cyber security ecosystem by investing in and supporting cyber security founders.

CyRise is run by a small team, which is single-minded in delivering a high-quality experience for our accelerator startups and the wider cyber security startup community.




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