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On Tuesday 16th November, six startups will pitch for the title of AISA ‘Startup of the Year’. The award comes with $5,000 in prize money from AISA and CyRise — but it won’t be easy to take home the title.

The 2021 field is perhaps the toughest yet, and each…

Great ideas take time, if the history of Byte25 is anything to go by. It’s been worth the wait.

The ever-cheerful Byte25 founders — Frank (left) and Dave (right)

“Dave and I first met around 1988, when we worked together at a computer supplier,” says Frank Canas of his co-founder, Dave Britt. “Our paths crossed a couple of times, but then we diverged.”

Frank got into computers, then into communications, computer networking, and then cybersecurity around 2005. He’s since…

Founders’ reasons for getting started are often fairly personal. Old uni mates Adam Laitt and Brad Smorgon’s motivations for founding TRAILD began with their families.

Uni mates Adam Laitt (left) and Brad Smorgon (right), TRAILD co-founders

“Both Adam and I were affected by fraud,” Brad explains. “My uncle received an email requesting a substantial payment to be made to Hong Kong and it went through the business’s full approval process while he was away on holidays.” The payment request was fraudulent, however.

“I was a lawyer…

For DroneSec CEO Mike Monnik, his startup is the culmination of a life-long interest.

“Cybersecurity has been my passion since I was 13 or 14 years old. I’ve always had a curiosity-driven approach to the world, and I enjoy working on things that make life safer and have a real-world impact.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Mike’s interest in drone security was piqued when…

At first glance, CyAmast co-founders Hassan Habibi and Adam de Jong might seem like very different people. Looking closer, it all makes sense.

Originally from Australia, Adam joined the US military where he built tactical data networks and worked in signals and intelligence. He then transitioned into GM functions, and was the 5th employee in Diamond Cyber Security, which he helped build into a saleable business that was ultimately acquired by CyberCX.


Thinking differently is what got SafeStack Co-founder Laura Bell to where she is today: running a successful global cybersecurity education platform from her home in New Zealand, with two young daughters playing nearby.

“I sort of accidentally got into software development at 16,” Laura explains. “I needed a job and stumbled into an apprenticeship as a software developer.”

After little time (and a University of Wales degree in computer science and artificial intelligence), Laura found herself working at CERN in Switzerland on the…

Join us in welcoming our first post-pandemic startup crew!

Five teams hailing from Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne have launched themselves wholeheartedly into an intensive 14-week program, meeting cyber founders, CISOs, investors and subject matter experts in their quest for rapid global growth.

“The quality of the teams just continues to…

We are seeking a Program Manager to deliver our accelerator program, as well as deliver regular events which help build a cyber security founder community in Melbourne and more broadly in Australia.


  • Program Management: schedule and manage all aspects of the three-month accelerator program including both formal and informal learning…

There’s a real energy to Aaron Tran. He possesses an eagerness to learn and a sharpness in problem solving that brings a little magic to everything he does. He’s democratising software, enabling anyone to automate highly complex workflows by simply dragging, dropping and connecting components together on a visual canvas.

The most damaging bottlenecks

There’s a lightness to the MailTumble way. This team builds good things, and has fun while they do it. Michael Jankie and Gary Tramer are repeat founders, and MailTumble is their latest startup. …


Accelerating, supporting and investing in world-class cyber security solutions.

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