5 reasons to apply to CyRise bootcamp — Alan Jones

The CyRise team are pumped to have Alan Jones as our bootcamp Entrepreneur in Residence. His experience makes him perfectly suited to deliver these week-long tasters of entrepreneurship. Here he is telling you why it’s a good idea to apply.

Apply to CyRise’s Bootcamp if you:

  1. Have a startup idea but aren’t sure whether it will work;
  2. Need to convince yourself, your family or your cofounder that you should commit to your startup;
  3. Want to learn how to test and validate the assumptions in your business plan;
  4. Need to hear that you and your idea or prototype might have what it takes; or
  5. Want to connect with others at the same point in the journey.

Do you have an idea for a cyber security product and wonder if you could be a successful startup founder? Will you ever decide to stop dreaming and start building?

Maybe not. After all, wondering whether to stop day-dreaming about it and actually try to turn a startup idea into a successful business is a huge decision. Will it make you a famous business leader or wreck your promising career? Pay you back handsomely or leave you broke?

It’s a very big cliff to walk up to the edge of and decide to jump from. And if your cyber startup idea is the untested wingsuit you’re hoping will allow you to fly, you have to commit 100% to the decision to jump — you can’t both fly and keep one foot anchored safely on the cliff’s edge.

But maybe there’s a way to test out that wingsuit in a safer environment, under the guidance of experienced wingsuit coaches, so that when the time comes to leap off the startup cliff, you have the confidence of knowing that your suit does actually generate lift and you might be able to fly.

That test environment I’m talking about comes in the form of an accelerator bootcamp.

An accelerator bootcamp is a full-time commitment for a period of a few days to a week, and it’s designed to help you decide whether or not to put your wingsuit on and climb the mountain, and also to help you refine and tweak the design of your wingsuit.

You’ll meet and get actionable advice from a roster of wingsuit pilots who have jumped and lived to tell the tale, and from some who’ve crashed but survived. You’ll also learn some of the practical hands-on methodology we use to test the potential viability of some of your ideas without risking anything more than some A3 sheets of paper and some sticky notes.

You’ll learn a little about how to sell your wingsuit to customers, and also get some valuable advice on what wingsuit investors look for when they’re considering an investment.

You can complete a bootcamp confidentially, so it can appear to be a week’s annual vacation to your employer, and you don’t need to tell your mum that you’re throwing away a promising well-paid career to risk it all on a startup idea.

The CyRise 5-day bootcamp is entirely free of charge. You can take what you’ve learned from a CyRise bootcamp and use it to increase your odds of being successful as a startup founder. Get your application in.

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