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Great ideas take time, if the history of Byte25 is anything to go by. It’s been worth the wait.

The ever-cheerful Byte25 founders — Frank (left) and Dave (right)

Founders’ reasons for getting started are often fairly personal. Old uni mates Adam Laitt and Brad Smorgon’s motivations for founding TRAILD began with their families.

Uni mates Adam Laitt (left) and Brad Smorgon (right), TRAILD co-founders

For DroneSec CEO Mike Monnik, his startup is the culmination of a life-long interest.

Mike Monnik, CEO of DroneSec, always looks up
Mike Monnik of DroneSec

Drones are cool — but can be hacked

At first glance, CyAmast co-founders Hassan Habibi and Adam de Jong might seem like very different people. Looking closer, it all makes sense.

Thinking differently is what got SafeStack Co-founder Laura Bell to where she is today: running a successful global cybersecurity education platform from her home in New Zealand, with two young daughters playing nearby.

Laura Bell, CEO of Safestack Academy

“The quality of the teams just continues to rise. 100% of the teams coming into the program have existing revenue, with more than half having customers spread across multiple countries.” — Scott Handsaker, CEO


  • Program Management: schedule and manage all aspects of the three-month accelerator program including both formal and informal learning, international trips and Demo Day
  • Team support: supporting the teams in the program where appropriate to achieve their objectives
  • Relationship management: key contact for all CyRise accelerator mentors to ensure that they have a great experience of CyRise and that their individual contributions are valuable to the CyRise cohorts.
  • Community…

The most damaging bottlenecks

The origin story: rise of the Tide


Accelerating, supporting and investing in world-class cyber security solutions.

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